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Life Dreaming


Life Dreaming is a complete program of personal life coaching and self-development which is uniquely tailored to you.

We will start with an in-depth assessment of who you are right now and map out a path to where you want to go. The process will help you get in touch with yourself at your deepest levels so that you can manifest a life in which “success” is defined solely by you.

The entire process works best if you commit to a twelve-week journey. During that time, we will meet at a minimum once a week and can schedule more frequent coaching sessions as needed. Sessions will be conducted in person, by phone, or by Skype. After the initial twelve weeks, we will schedule two monthly follow up calls. After those scheduled calls, coaching sessions can be scheduled as needed, charged at individual rates.

I am open to scheduling individual coaching sessions on a per session basis outside of the twelve-week process. At our initial session, we will discuss what works best for your schedule and your budget. Payment plans are available.

It can be scary to think about changing your life. I am here to walk with you through that process and keep you motivated and on track.



Twelve-Week Life Dreaming Coaching: $ 1,400.00

Individual Coaching Sessions: $ 120.00 per hour, cost can be prorated for fractions of an hour

"I have been utilizing Theeda's life coaching services for a number of years. Theeda is a phenomenal listener and will explore issues with you that are beyond the perimeters of what you are seeking in order to expand your perspective. Once engaging her, you will be aware of your abilities to create the life and reality you would like to have. Theeda will help you to discover and affirm the authentic you. I highly recommend her excellent services." - CS, Virginia

"Even before she became certified, Theeda helped me recover from an incredible trauma. I have no doubt she will help many many people!" - KS, Florida

"Theeda Murphy gives me LIFE! The best coach. She listens and really gets you to think deeply and challenge yourself to stretch and be all you can be." - RF, Tennessee

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