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Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse: The Big Bang

Updated: May 14

Ex nihilo nihil fit

(Nothing comes from nothing) - Ancient Greek philosophy

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

You gotta have something if you wanna be with me. - Billy Preston

What does anything mean anymore? Words are just sounds. Actions are just meaningless movement. Nothing lasts. And no one has any clear idea on how we got here. In the middle of nowhere. We're on an endless treadmill that accomplishes nothing, creates nothing, is nothing.

What can we do, trapped in this vast expanse of nothingness? Shrug our shoulders and keep going? That's definitely an option. A far from satisfying option and probably not a sustainable one because that's the action that keeps bringing us back here. To nothing.

Under the energy of this eclipse, I feel I might have some faint inkling of why, once upon a time, the Universe said "Fuck it!" and blew everything up. Because sometimes, when you're in the middle of nothing, that's really the only good option.

Take a second and think about what that might mean for you. Does it mean finally saying no? Or finally saying yes? Does it mean turning your back and walking away? Or does it mean finally settling down and leaning in? What is the Big Bang that's waiting to happen for you?

Just remember that the first Big Bang which for absolutely no reason, at least not one that we can comprehend within the confines of time and space, exploded out of nothing and became the fundamental essence of everything. And you have that energy at your disposal right now.

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