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Holy Heretic Sunday Meditation 2/3/2019


Eve to Lilith

“…He told me how beautiful you were.

The dark, dramatic type.

Usually he doesn't talk about you

but when we - well, long ago -

when - at night -

we - in the dark, always -

he used to call your name

at a certain moment

It's none of my business but you must have done something very special

to make a man remember you so

Lilith to Eve

I merely said 'no'.

That's when he gave me

his attention

for the first time” – Michelene Wandor, “Eve to Lilith/Lilith to Eve”

Today’s featured transit: New Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mercury and Lilith

It takes extraordinary vigilance to keep from replicating patriarchal norms in all of our relationships. Including our relationship to Self. Those norms have been the “Only Way to Be” for so long, we have collectively forgotten any other way to be. People who don’t live by those norms appear crazy. When you within yourself try to think, merely think, of yourself and who you are apart from those norms, you immediately get lost, or at least I do.

Deep inside of us we know there is another way to be. A truer way to be.


Today’s action: For those of us who live in constant rebellion against patriarchy and every one of his oppressive cousins, it takes unrelenting courage to constantly interrogate the ways in which you approach every aspect of your life. It’s exhausting. Take some time today to forgive yourself for the necessary compromises you have made to exist in this world the way it is even as you commit to continuously try to do better.

Today’s sharing: The true opposite of patriarchal oppression is radical love. We have to love ourselves enough to demand better of ourselves and to push beyond the limitations of the only reality we know.

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