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Justice for Jocques Sit In: Irrepressible Joy

This chart is all about hope and perseverance that leads to inevitable victory.

Let’s start with the Neptune opposition to Venus and Mars. Neptune opposing Venus is all about gently removing all that is dirty, ugly, inharmonious, and out of kilter. We are simply unable to stand it anymore. In Virgo, it’s about standards which have become so compromised in the name of being “practical” and “getting things done” that they have become meaningless. No one stands for anything anymore and have settled for an uneasy version of “peace”. Neptune opposing Mars is a growing discomfort with the process of how things are getting done. Suddenly, “this is the way things have always been done” is no longer an acceptable explanation. Feelings of frustration and restlessness grow, leading to anger which is suppressed because it doesn’t have an outlet. We have reached the point of diminishing returns with the old ways. They are no longer healthy (if they ever were) and no longer fit who we are. We’ve grown and evolved. Now we feel confused about what we should do and how we should accomplish our goals.

We are where we are because we reached an impasse. We are desperate. We don't know how to get this officer fired. We have tried all we know and what has worked for us in the past. It's not working anymore. We didn’t know what to and we're having difficulty in pulling on our partnerships (Venus and Mars in the 7th house) because they don't seem to be inclined to rally around us like they have in the past. But we can’t just not do anything. Because we can't just walk away and let Lippert run rampant and let Anderson continue to thumb his nose at the community. That's unacceptable.

However, the male and female energies of this chart are balanced. Venus and Mars are conjunct. The Sun and Moon are sextile. Even Eros and Vesta, the male and female energies representing bodily desires (Eros) and spiritual aspirations (Vesta) are semi-sextile. This is important because it offers the promise of balanced and productive action once we figure out what to do.

The Eros/Vesta sextile is especially notable because the issue of police aggression and Black Lives Matter is based on the fact that if one fears physical annihilation, one cannot be mentally or spiritually healthy. In addition, the Vesta conjunction with the Sun is about truth-telling. The kind of careful and circumspect truth-telling that occurs when an oppressed group is utilizing their limited privileges and speaking truth to power. It's a careful game we're playing right now.

Mercury in the 8th is square Saturn but trine Pluto. Our words carry the power of transformation that goes against the status quo. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is in the Pluto house, trine Pluto who is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Our concerns about the health of our society is aiding Pluto's destruction of outworn structures and values. Saturn is also t-squaring the Neptune and Venus/Mars opposition.

With Saturn and the Moon involved in this t-square, we are struggling to find real, practical solutions which will simultaneously meet the real needs of the Clemmons family for justice and our entire community for healing and closure. Established leadership is failing to provide any solutions and therefore failing in their responsibility toward the family and community (that's the Sagittarian energy).

The key to resolving the opposition and the related squares is Pluto. Pluto which is busily dismantling and discarding the old, outworn structures. Pluto will move everything that carries that old energy out of the way. The challenge is that Pluto is retrograde in the 12th house. Some of Pluto's cleansing power is blunted in the 12th house, especially when retrograde, because it goes underground. Instead of it being swift and disruptive change, it becomes more like a slow erosion. When things erode from the inside, the outside appears unchanged for a long time. But then suddenly, it will give way. In addition, Pluto in the 12th house implies deep, fundamental changes which will be set in motion by our action but it difficult for us to draw clear lines of cause and effect.

In other words, Pluto in the 12th implies that our actions over the next few weeks will have outsized repercussions. Because a few us, in frustration, decided to do a crazy, desperate thing and sit outside a police precinct until we get answers, we have set in motion a series of events that will be much bigger than us. We may not even see or realize the effects our actions have had. Pluto in the 12th assures us that not only are we making an impact, we are the tip of knife. We are the vanguard of fundamental change and because of us, things will never be the same.

We need to embrace that Pluto doggedness and obsessiveness. Our drive to oust Lippert has to become a focused obsession. We'll have to dig our heels in. We'll have to be committed for the long haul. A Pluto trine to Venus promises fun and enjoyment and a growing sense of personal empowerment which will feel good. Relationships will increase and strengthen around shared work and service. With a Pluto trine to Mars, we'll feel powerful and effective. That will be our motivation to continue.

With Venus and Mars together in industrious and practical Virgo, we will find our way. We'll find the most effective and efficient means to reach our goal. There will be some foundering in the beginning but we will find our stride. Our methods and the values underlying those methods will reflect our highest values. This is spiritual warfare and we know it. We will find the correct spiritual weapons to wage it. As long as we as individuals continue to follow the promptings of our inner spirit (Neptune in the 1st), we will find our way. We have different spiritual paths but that's not an issue now. That doesn’t keep us from working together harmoniously. The continuing Grand Fire Kite involving Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node we will help us find our solutions provided we address the Jupiter/Uranus opposition which is at its heart.

The Jupiter/Uranus opposition is straddling the 2nd/3rd houses and 8th/9th houses meaning that it's affecting all of those sets of issues. Uranus is sitting right on the cusp of the house of earned, personal resources and the house of practical planning and communication and Jupiter is affecting both shared, unearned resources (legacies) and big broad ideas and long-range, global planning. Uranus in Aries is about unfettered self-expression and Jupiter in Libra is about equitable relationships. As they have opposed each other we have been faced with somehow merging those energies so that individuals have complete freedom to be themselves within the context of mutually beneficial relationships. The common ground between these two opposites is the potential for unlimited growth and expansion. In resolving this opposition, we unlock the answers that reside within the Grand Fire Trine and make those answers available for our use. 

The key to resolving that Jupiter/Uranus opposition is Saturn. Saturn in Sagittarius flies high but never forgets its responsibilities and completely understands its limitations. This provides the basis for its ability to function on a high level. That's what makes it the key to resolving the opposition. We cannot forget our responsibilities to others and we must carry them out in a timely and expeditious manner. We know when we need others to help and support us. This will cause us to grow as a collective and provides a firm foundation for our mutual growth. It provides a firm foundation for our partnerships and ensures that they are of benefit to everyone involved.

Uranus helps us apply what we know about making our way through the world as individuals in our daily lives to the Jupiter ideals of transforming societal structures. This is how everyone’s needs will be met. Saturn in the 10th refers to social status and career. When we use our Saturn social status responsibly, we can make this happen.

My reading of this chart is that we can and will do this. It won't be easy and it won't be quick. But it will be satisfying and worthwhile. It will be work that we might even enjoy doing. The emotional tone of this action is set by the Sagittarian Moon. Moon in Sagittarius is influenced by Jupiter. It is passionate and optimistic. When challenged, it gets angry but the anger doesn’t last long, it quickly moves on. It holds no grudges. It doesn't hold on to sadness. It uses those emotions as the catalyst to keep questing, to keep rising. I'm not seeing pain, heartache, or grief in this chart. There are very real obstacles and challenges. But there is also courage, unbounded optimism, enthusiasm, and irrepressible joy.

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