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New Moon in Libra: The Big Bang

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

"Ki okun bara, bara, bara!"

This New Moon is imbued with the primal energy of creation: the power of Logos or Bara. The Word becoming Flesh and walking among us. The Individual Mind and the Universal Mind joined together in the act of Creation. 

The explosive energy of this New Moon reaches back to the beginning of Time, the first explosion which which created everything that exists. That explosion which was replicated in the microcosm when each of us was created.

Earlier today, I went into Kroger and came upon a store manager and an employee having a deep discussion about the quantum physics of creation in the frozen food section. I listened for a while and then joined in. The manager had a background as mathematician and he said to me that he marveled at the order of Universe. He was Christian and felt that God expresses Himself through math. That's the energy of this New  Moon.

Jupiter and Uranus have been opposing each other all year. As this opposition begins to wane, it hasn't lost any of its punch. Jupiter in Libra has been expanding our relationships all year and that expansion has been based on the radical self-expression that Uranus in Aries represents. This reached its culmination in the last Full Moon where we reveled in our freedom to be ourselves and refused to settle for relationships that restrict our freedom. This sets the stage for a new cycle of growth in our lives.

A few days before this New Moon, Jupiter moved into Scorpio. In Scorpio, Big Daddy puts on his velvet jacket, his cape, and his pinky ring and slides into the driver's side of his Deuce and a Quarter with the diamond in the back. Jupiter in Scorpio expands our ideas about the roles of sex and power in our lives, relationships, and society as a whole. The raw creativity of this New Moon gives us the ability to bring forth an entirely new reality.

Choose your words carefully at this time because you are creating your reality. Use this New Moon energy to go deep inside yourself and speak magical incantations which will bring your deepest desires into manifestation. The only limitations on you right now are the limits of your imagination. 

Speak words of power. Speak words of wisdom. Speak words of life.

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