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Saturn Retrograde: Traveling into the Heart of the Universe

Saturn turned around and started moving backwards on April 6th. For those of us who are having really hard Saturn transits (like me), this will be a bit of a reprieve but don't get too carried away.

Saturn is not called the Lord of Karma for nothing. He has worked hard to earn his street cred. Anybody who has gone through their first Saturn return (ages 27 to 30 or thereabouts) has felt how difficult that time can be. When I first heard of Saturn returns, I thought that perhaps I was exempt because my late 20's weren't so bad. But then I looked at my chart and realized why my early 20's, between ages 21 and 25, were pure hell. Not that I was completely let off the hook. I moved to Nashville during my Saturn return and had a boss who hated me and was doing his best to fire me. However, because I had learned Saturn's lessons and built a strong foundation for my life, I was able to outlast him and walk away from that job on my own terms. And now I am wrapping up Saturn's second transit to that point in my chart. It's been hard, excruciatingly hard and painful at times, but not as traumatic as the first go round precisely because I've been drawing on the lessons I have learned.

You can mark the seasons of your life by Saturn's transits. Every seven years or so, Saturn's going to be transiting something in your chart. If it's an easy aspect, you get a chance to show off your skills and demonstrate what you've learned. You get rewarded for your hard work. If it's a hard aspect, Saturn is both administering a final exam in that subject to see how well you have implemented what you were supposed to have learned previously and is also conducting an entrance exam or initiation to test if you really want what you say want for the next phase of your life and if you are prepared to do what you need to do to get it.

A full Saturn transit of any point or planet in your chart can last three to six months. If you have any place in your chart where you have a bunch of planets grouped together (like I do), you could be undergoing a Saturn test for two or three years. It's during those times that you decide how you want to live your life. You decide what kind of person you want to be. You decide whether you want to fully take on your karmic responsibilities or evade them. It's up to you. Saturn will make sure you either get the reward for your work or pay the price for your evasion. Saturn is tough but fair.

Saturn goes retrograde once every year for about four and a half months. If you're having a Saturn transit during that time, this is the time when the teacher leaves the room. The outside pressure and constriction that you might have been feeling is somewhat relieved. When the teacher leaves the room, you know he's going to come back and when he returns, there's going to be a test. How will you spend your time? Will you pull out your books and start reviewing? Turn to your neighbor and start practicing what you were supposed to have learned? Or will you take a nap? Or worse yet, start cutting up with the class clown? You decide.

Postscript: I think it's worth mentioning that Saturn is turning retrograde at the Galactic Center. Besides sounding way cool, I'm still trying to find out exactly what that means. The Galactic Center is the exact center of the Milky Way galaxy. From what I have learned, there's a huge black hole in the middle, pulsating with the Pure Force of the Universe. What could it mean when the Master of Manifestation, the Lord of Karma, turns inward right at that point? This has been a season of manifestation and rebirth. Could it be that some sort of portal is opening? A portal that connects the infinite possibilities of the Universe with the tangible realities of material existence exactly at the point where we are supposed to be integrating and assimilating our karmic lessons? Think about that one for a minute. When Saturn revisits that point in about four months, what would you have done with your time?

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