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Degree Programs Completed
April 2012                                                Kaplan Career Institute                                              Nashville, TN

ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate


1983-1987                                                 Oakwood College                                                        Huntsville, AL
BS, Accounting

  • Received CPA certificate in GA, 1995

1997- 1999                                                 Fisk University                                                            Nashville, TN
MA, Clinical Psychology

  • Completed thesis: Theory v. Reality: Relationship Violence and Its Effects on Women

Certifications and Trainings

October, 2000                                          National Organization for Victim Assistance        Atlanta, GA
NOVA Certificate

  • Completed week-long training in crisis intervention.

April 2005                                                 Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts               Salt Lake City, UH
National Seminar of the Development and Integration of Mitigation Evidence in Capitol Cases

  • Three day training on the implications of the Wiggins ruling in the development of mitigation evidence in
    capitol cases

April 2006                                                Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts                Washington, DC
National Seminar of the Development and Integration of Mitigation Evidence in Capitol Cases

  • Three-day training on the implications of the Wiggins ruling in the development of mitigation evidence in
    capitol cases

July 2005                                                   National Association of Sentencing Advocates     Chicago, IL
Death Penalty Mitigation Institute

  • One-day training on the role of the Mitigation Specialist, records and how to conduct a biopsychosocial history investigation

2007 - 2009                                               International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Nashville, TN
Continuing Education Courses

  • Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention

  • Critical Incident Stress Management: Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

  • Critical Incident Stress Management: Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support

  • CISM Application with Children

  • Grief Following Trauma

  • Stress Management for the Trauma Provider

April 2015                                                   ASIST Suicide Prevention Training                           Nashville, TN


  • Training on using the ASIST model of suicide crisis intervention

December 2017      Life Coach Training Institute                                        Bonita, CA


  • IACC Life Coach Certificate

Work experience


2010 – Present                                            Centerstone Mental Health                                        Nashville, TN

Crisis Consultant/Crisis Follow-Up Specialist

  • Answer calls, on a public mental health crisis line, from individuals who are suicidal, psychotic or experiencing other kinds of psychiatric crises and work to resolve the crisis in the least restrictive way possible and insure the individual’s and public’s health and safety.

  • Provide intensive follow-up services to individuals who have been identified by mental health or other health care providers as being in need of extra support due to suicidal thoughts or recent suicide attempts in order to prevent suicidal crises from occurring or re-occurring.


2012 – August 2014                                      The White Law Group                                              Nashville, TN


  • Worked as a general paralegal, specializing primarily in probate and administrative law, but also providing research and support in cases involving transactional law.      

2005 - 2006                                                    Akil Jahi v. State of Tennessee                               Nashville, TN
Mitigation Specialist

  • Conducted biopsychosocial history on behalf of client for his postconviction appeal

2005 – 2010                                                   Volunteer Behavioral Health Care, Inc.                Nashville, TN
Crisis Intervention Specialist

  • Intervening in situations where individuals are psychotic, suicidal or having other kinds of psychiatric crises to determine the least restrictive level of treatment they need to stabilize the situation and ensure their safety.

2000- 2005                                                     Metropolitan Nashville Police Department         Nashville, TN
Crisis Counselor

  • Conducted short- and long-term therapy with victims of crime, specifically rape, homicide co-victims, and domestic violence victims.

  • Intervened with victims of crime in crisis situations at crime scenes, at hospitals or in court rooms.

  • Carried the on-call beeper once a month to be able to respond to emergencies.

  • Educated clients about the criminal justice system and support clients throughout the court process, including accompanying clients to court.

  • Worked with others on staff within the police department and other agencies in the community to increase awareness of the impact of crime on crime victims.

1999                                                                    Hermitage Hall                                                         Nashville, TN
Part-time Residential Assistant

  • Worked as an evening and weekend replacement for full-time staff on leave at a facility for juvenile sex

  • Oversaw the daily activities of the youth on the unit.

  • Provided crisis counseling and other therapeutic interventions as necessary.

1998 - 2001                                                        Fisk University                                                         Nashville, TN
Information Specialist

  • Facilitated workshops and groups on race relations.

  • Advocated for minorities and other disadvantaged groups, including victims and offenders, to improve their individual lives and the community.

  • Oversaw budget of $ 2.5 million: prepare requisitions and financial reports.

  • Maintained mailing list and database of contacts using Access and Outlook.

  • Researched information on race and race relations via the Internet.

  • Purchased and maintained computer equipment and software.

  • Assisted staff with computer related problems.

1997-1998                                                           Oasis Center                                                              Nashville, TN
Resident Assistant/Relief Staff

  • Resided overnight at the Independent Living house.

  • Formed supportive relationships with troubled teenagers and young adults.

  • Oversaw residential activities during the evening and overnight hours.

1997-1998                                                            YWCA Woodshaven Shelter                                  Nashville, TN
Weekend Advocate/Relief Staff

  • Counseled women who sought emergency shelter from domestic violence.

  • Conducted intake interviews with women who requested shelter.

  • Provided crisis counseling and general program information through the crisis line.

1988-1997                                                             Internal Revenue Service                          Atlanta, GA/Nashville, TN
Revenue Agent

  • Reviewed applications for tax exemption from nonprofit organizations.

  • Provided information on nonprofit tax law to the general public.

  • Audited tax exempt organizations.




Volunteer experience  

April, 2000 – July, 2000                                    Ujima House                                                          Nashville, TN
Group Leader

  • Co-lead weekly therapy group for battered women.

  • February- April 2000 Dinah Project Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Nashville, TN

  • Group Therapist

  • Co-facilitated 12 week therapy group with survivors of sexual abuse and rape.

1998-1999                                                              Rape and Sexual Abuse Center                             Nashville, TN

  • Conducted therapy with adolescents and adults who had been raped or sexually abused as children.

  • Participated in the adolescent offender therapy group.

  • Researched and read materials about rape, incest, child sexual abuse, and group therapy.

2001-2002                                                              Metropolitan Nashville Police Department       Nashville, TN

  • Provided crisis counseling to victims of domestic violence over the telephone.

  • Conducted short-term therapy with victims of domestic violence.

  • Participated in community activities to educate the community about domestic violence and victim’s rights.

1994-1997                                                               Rape and Sexual Abuse Center                             Nashville, TN
Crisis Line Volunteer

  • Answered questions about rape, incest, and sexuality.

  • Provided general information about the Center.

  • Provided emotional support, therapeutic interventions, and information to people in crisis.

1994-1997                                                               YWCA Domestic Violence Program                     Nashville, TN

  • Provided support to the staff on duty.

  • Formed supportive relationships with women in the shelter.

  • Provided general information about the program and counseled women in crisis over the crisis line.

  • Prepared intake forms for women who requested shelter and determined if they met intake criteria.

  • Cared for the children while the women were in therapy group.



1996-1999                                                               Neighborhood Justice Center                               Nashville, TN
Volunteer Mediator

  • Participated in a three-day training in restorative justice and community mediation.

  • Conducted mediation sessions with cases diverted from civil and criminal (nonviolent crimes) court.

1994-1997                                                                Oasis Center                                                             Nashville, TN

  • Assisted staff in program activities at the emergency shelter.

  • Counseled teens and parents in crisis.

  • Provided information and emotional support over the telephone for teenagers who requested shelter.

  • Interacted with residents at the shelter.

1992 – 1994                                                              Friend-Friend DCVS Mentoring Program        Atlanta, GA
Volunteer Mentor

  • Developed supportive relationships with teens that had been arrested for nonviolent crimes.


  • American Association of Suicidology

  • General Practice Paralegal

  • Life Coach Training Institute

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