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Mystic.  A person who believes in the transcendent and seeks to live life in accordance with the Divine Mysteries.

Hermit. A person who lives in solitude and quiet contemplation.

Witch.   A woman who knows her magic and uses it on her own terms.

Who Am I?

Picture of Theeda Murphy with white headwrap and ilekes

I am a dreamer, an empath, a healer. My desire to heal myself and others has taken me to interesting places. Although I have an advanced degree, my real education has been through my life experiences. I have always been fascinated by the mystery of life and how we, as individuals, play our unique parts in its manifestation.

I started Theeda Murphy, Life Coach as a way to combine all my skills in service to helping and healing people.

What Can I Do For You?

The bustle and confusion of modern life can cause even the most grounded person to lose sight of who they are. I have spent much of my life looking deep within. I have learned, through the practice of solitude, that we are all deeply interconnected. However, during the inevitable chaos and upheaval of life, we often let go of our anchors and find ourselves adrift.

It has been my life’s work to help people find themselves and, in doing so, get back on track with their relationships and find their true calling in life. I will guide you into discovering who you are, for yourself, apart from how others define you. I will help you develop your singular life path.

Know yourself in the most profound way possible.

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