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Full Moon in Cancer: Dreams and Nightmares

Updated: May 14

"In the dreamer's dream, the dreamed one awoke." - Jorge Luis Borgia "The Circular Ruins" in Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings

It's easy to dream deep and long in the darkness and coldness of winter. If you really give yourself over to it, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between waking and sleeping. It is the work of winter to delve deep into one's personal unconscious and, through there, gain entry into Collective Consciousness.

These days, my dreams are long journeys. Sometimes they have storylines but more often they feel more like living another life in another place. Sometimes people I know in waking life are there but more often the Others are people I only know in the dream world. I believe that the school of thought that posits that the Others (even the ones you know in waking life) are all aspects of You and the school of thought that believes that the Others are Ancestors, Spirits or Supernatural Beings or some aspect of the people you know are not in conflict with each other. That both of these things, and more, are true. Because that's how things work in dreams. There are layers, upon layers, upon layers. All waiting for you to dive in.

During these long nights, under the light of the Full Cancer Moon, we are invited to give ourselves over to the dream world. Often the difference between a dream and a nightmare is your willingness to immerse yourself into the logic of the dream. If you are willing to go into that dark place and you're willing to see that ugly thing, then fear is replaced by curiosity. The feeling tone of the dream changes.

Of course we cannot completely control what happens in dreams. That's one of the core lessons of deep dreaming. There's a limit to what you can control and at that point, all you can do is surrender. Often that means admitting you are terrified. Admitting that you are not in control. Admitting that you are in over your head.

This Full Moon encourages to give ourselves over to our dreams. To surrender to them. To enjoy our time socializing with the Others. To take heed of the messages and lessons that they bring. Now is a good time to go to sleep every night with the intention of remembering our dreams and then when we wake, taking the time to write them down. These dreams will set the tone for the upcoming year.

Dream well and have fun!

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