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Full Moon in Gemini/Mercury Retrograde: Now What?

Feeling a little directionless the past few days? Like everything you were sure of is now not so sure? Like what you were doing was working fine and now it's not? Like you want to just scrap everything and start all over again but you're not sure why?

Welcome to this Gemini Full Moon! Gemini tends to be all over the place but this Full Moon also features Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, turning retrograde. We've reached a full stop, brake-screeching ending which we may not have seen coming. The buoyant Grand Fire Trine which has carrying us through this year. Gone. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition which had defined our relationships this year. Gone. There's really nothing that has taken their place. So now we're all kinda sitting here, waiting for the next big thing.

Lucky for us (or rather not luck but rather the precise timing of the Universe), Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to reflect and reassess. The Full Moon comes complete with a square to Neptune, the planet of dreams. What have we accomplished? How do we feel about our accomplishments? Do we feel like we're on track? Why? What's holding us back? Are we our own worst enemies? It's time to take a deep look inward before moving outward.

This is not a solo enterprise (I'm talking to myself here). This Full Moon is the culmination of the May New Moon in Gemini. Back then, we were encouraged to develop our social networks, our squad. This is the test to see if we did that work and how well we have done that work. Are we still trying to get what we want through manipulation and violence, emotional or physical, or have we learned to use cooperation? Have we learned that sometimes sacrificing our narrow self-interests for the good of the whole often results in us receiving a benefit that is bigger and better than our narrow imaginations could conceive of? Are we making the most of the new relationships we have developed this year? Those relationships that are based on the recognition and celebration of our uniqueness and where we are encouraged to expect our needs to be met in the way we need them to be met? Those last two considerations seem to be paradoxical and even contradictory. How can self-sacrifice and self-centeredness co-exist within relationships? This was the year to find that balance. How well have we done that?

Over the next few weeks, we will need our squad. We will need them to keep us honest. We will need them to keep us grounded. We will need them to keep us centered. At a time when we might be feeling uncertain about the value of our work and wondering whether it's worth it to continue, we need our folks. It's time to prioritize them over our work. What are we working for if not to be able to live a good life with our family and friends?

This is a time to dance and enjoy life with the people who are closest to us. Have y'all seen the Moon the past few nights? That huge, bright, over-sized Moon which seems close enough to touch is an invitation to party if ever I saw one. Life is a continuous adventure and the most rewarding forays are those expeditions into the deepest, darkest part of ourselves. Especially when accompanied by travel partners who are have our backs no matter what.

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