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Full Moon in Libra: Love is a Battlefield

The skies are full of conflict. The conflict is caused by our desire to get what we want by any means necessary. We have all kinds of justifications about why this is the right thing to do. We have deprived ourselves of a lot of things to get where we are. Why can't we have what we want? Don't we deserve it?

That sense of entitlement is going to get us in a lot of trouble right now. Astrologically, Mars and Saturn are merging their energies. When the Lord of Karma meets up with the Warrior, they can stir up a lot of trouble and feel right and justified in everything they do. These is a connection which can achieve so much, however, that energy has to be channeled in the right way or else they will destroy all their relationships.

The theme of this Full Moon is the wise use of power within relationships. Our society worships rugged individualism and might. We believe in hierarchies and that's how we structure our institutions. And while it might, arguably, be the most efficient way to get things done because one person makes the rules and everyone else follows, it does so at the expense of real relating. Everyone in a hierarchy plays whatever role the person at the top dictates to them, regardless of whether they want to play that role or have any natural inclination or affinity for that role. Those role assignments are enforced by violence and the threat of violence. This is why the annual meeting of Mars and Saturn is anticipated with dread and that fact that Mars is quickly moving to meet up with Pluto in a few weeks have some really looking ahead with concern. (And when Saturn meets up with Pluto a year from now, some are predicting all hell breaking loose. That's a bit dramatic for me but it will be intense.) This year, the meeting in Capricorn is a powerful placement for both of them so there will be little to hold them back.

This quite common and low expression of Mars and Saturn energy will be easy to fall into. But it will work against our best interests. Because this Full Moon, with Sun (exalted in Aries) and Moon in Libra is highlighting the dichotomy between Self and Other. The Full Moon encourages us to develop relationships that nurture who we are in our essence. We can't do that if we fall into the trap of believing that might makes right. If we do that, we will alienate ourselves from the people who mean the most to us and sully the pure and exalted essence of who we are.

As I've noted before, Jupiter in Scorpio has been unmasking the truth of how power is routinely and acceptably misused in high places. Now that Jupiter is retrograde, we are encouraged to use this time to consolidate our lessons and think about what it really means. Retrograde Mercury has kicked off that process and is joining the Sun during this Full Moon to bring us back to ourselves, back to who we really are, and start at square one reclaiming our purest truth and getting back into alignment with our true purpose.

How can we use our power wisely in relationships? Are bloody and violent power struggles unavoidable and inevitable? Playing small and weak is not an option now. Can we use Mars and Saturn energy to build relationships? I think it's possible. Mars in Capricorn can focus on a specific goal and work tirelessly toward it, overcoming all obstacles, with stubborn tenacity. Saturn in Capricorn is the bedrock and foundation of society. It gives structure. It gives rules. If we decide that we want to build a society which is equal and which values nurturing relationships over rigid hierarchies, Mars and Saturn can build that society. The power that they wield could be used to hold those relationships together and build enduring institutions which encourage the formation and maintenance of those relationships. Right now, Jupiter and Neptune are collaborating with each other in developing a holistic new vision of what those institutions could look like. Mars and Saturn can work out the details.

Venus, who has just returned home to Taurus after the hard work she put in while in Aries, is coming home, kicking her shoes off, and taking her hair down. She is ready for good food, good music, and good company in beautiful surroundings. In Taurus, she is able to relax and chill. With Uranus nearby, she's not going to let anyone keep her from being fully herself. Initially, her behavior may seem erratic and unpredictable but that's only because she is making a comfortable place for herself. When she settles in, she will provide a mellow atmosphere for Mars and Saturn, toning down their natural belligerence.

We can choose not to engage in power struggles. Love does not have to involve an endless push-pull struggle for dominance. Not now. Because we know that there is a better way. We can use our power responsibly and nurture the relationships that nurture us.

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