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Full Moon in Pisces: The Calabash

The Holy Odu Ofun (hepa, hepa, hepa) says:

"Great wisdom

Is the key to getting great wisdom.

If we don't have great wisdom,

We can't learn strong medicine.

If we don't learn strong medicine,

We can't cure serious illness.

If we can't cure serious illness,

We don't earn great wealth.

If we don't earn great wealth,

We can't do great things."

As the Moon converges with Neptune, on this lucky Friday 13th Full Moon, during the last palindrome week of the century, our longing to do impossible things is at its apex. The portal which opened at the last New Moon has reached a peak crescendo.

There's something wonderful about the feeling that anything is possible. In realm of pure energy, it's true. Everything does exist. And when the Moon is close to Neptune, the way it is now, we FEEL that truth. The divide between pure energy and manifested energy narrows.

Neptune in Pisces signifies the beginning of a new cycle of our collective spiritual development. I went back over the past two years (since I've been blogging about the Moon cycles) and noticed that when Neptune is closely involved with a New Moon or Full Moon, there is a sense of possibility and an opportunity to move beyond rigid and restrictive thought patterns. Change becomes effortless. Sometimes too much so as we can become easily confused and not properly calculate the effects of our actions.

So here we are again with the Moon and Neptune converging and we feel the limitlessness. However, with the Sun in Virgo (between Mars and Mercury), we're uncomfortable with that feeling. We see all the little details which have to be attended to, therefore, as tempting as it is, we can't just allow ourselves to be carried away. This is an impasse which could be immobilizing.

Except for Jupiter. Jupiter's year in Sagittarius has also been the beginning of a new cycle for us. Jupiter brings growth and expansion to everything he touches. In this scenario, he is the superhero who comes in and saves the day. His desire for greater wisdom and insight gives us the focus that we need.

The energy of this Moon is summed up in the wisdom of the Holy Odu Ofun. In Ofun, we are faced with limitless opportunities. It is said that Ofun is best symbolized by a calabash stuffed full of goodies. And what better time for Ofun to appear than at the Harvest Moon. Whatever we want is there in the calabash. But we have to choose wisely because we have to live with what we pull out. Ofun reminds us that if we seek wisdom first, then everything else will fall into place.

The beauty and wonder of this Full Moon is undeniable. We should take full advantage of everything that is being offered to us.

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