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Holy Heretic Sunday Meditation 11/4/2018: Foolish Hope

“If a child will prosper, we do not know;

We are fools when it comes to knowing whether a child will prosper” – Holy Odu Osa

Today’s featured transit: Jupiter in Scorpio square the North Node of the Moon in Leo

I look around right now and see contradictions and inconsistencies everywhere. Are we at the tipping point of disaster or are we at the brink of change? When you are in the middle of the maelstrom, they can look and feel the same.

Over the past week, there has been plenty of murder instigated by hatred and general mayhem. People in power tell lies so easily and often that even their supporters don’t believe them. Everyone is cynical and angry. No wonder there is so much violence. As the days grow shorter and the nights darker and colder, the emotional atmosphere follows suit. I want and need to find a comfortable, warm place where I can be accepted and loved. Instead, I find myself wandering, lost, lonely, and hungry.

At the same time, I see signs of hope. I see people turning out in droves to vote. Many of those folks said just a mere two years ago that their vote didn’t matter. Yet here they are. Breaking records, pushing through obstacles, standing in line for hours to vote. I see people out organizing around causes that mean something to them, spending hours talking to people, and actually finding people willing to talk.

In the midst of the maelstrom, who knows what all this means? Is it foolish to hope? Will I end up with my heart broken yet again?

Today’s action: Be still and contemplate the things in your life you are afraid of. Take a good look at them and become familiar with them.

Today’s sharing: It is possible to be in a place where you are both fearful and hopeful. It’s a temporary state and, eventually, one or the other will win out. If you are in that place, it means that you are growing and you have the opportunity to use that temporary discomfort to propel yourself forward.

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