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New Moon in Aquarius: A Long Breath

Can you believe it? The darkest part of the year is over. We have had a mid-winter thaw for a few days and it's possible to envision the coming of spring. To take a minute and adjust.

During the New Moon in Aquarius, Uranus is turning direct after a long sleep. It may not necessarily be a good thing that the planet of the unexpected is waking up and starting to move again. But then again, it might. We can hope. We can dream. Uranus is also the planet of visioning the impossible. Maybe we can take some of those long-neglected and shelved dreams off the back burner and get them going again.

My arugula has definitely been feeling the spirit of this New Moon. Before the Big Snow, I went out and got what I thought would be the last lettuce of this batch. The fall and winter arugula has still been spicy but not nearly as spicy as the summer arugula. As the temperature dropped and the snow started and began covering the garden, I said good-bye. And when the temp dropped and stayed well below freezing for a week and actually more than a week, I was making my plans of how I would deal with the dead arugula and clean out the space for spring when the thaw came.

But to my surprise, as the snow melted, their bright little green leaves came into view apparently completely unscathed. They were not only alive but are thriving and tastier than ever. And they must have had a talk under the snow with that struggling kale because, it's still alive too and putting out new leaves.

I'm taking my inspiration from them. We made it through the big freeze. We had our folks who were rooting for us but didn't think we would make it and when we did, they rejoiced along with us. We really can do all the things. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

At this New Moon, take a moment to slow down and take a breath. Appreciate what you've been through and celebrate that you made it through. Visualize what you want for yourself right now? What are your short-term goals and how do they relate to your long-term goals? Does it seem possible that you can take some steps toward goals that you didn't think were possible? Can you maybe resurrect some of things you thought were dead and find new life there?

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