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New Moon in Leo: Wild and Free

As I started looking at this New Moon, the tragic story of Xandu was playing on the news in the background. Xandu was one of the sons of Cecil the Lion who was probably the most famous lion in history. His murder by a bounty hunter in 2015 was huge international news. This past week, his son suffered the same fate.

The New Moon this month is in Leo. A Leo New Moon is usually a time of living large and enjoying life to the fullest. This Moon's conjunction with Mars increases the energy and inspires us to aggressively pursue our desires. We are called upon to stand in the courage of our convictions and fight for what we want.

And we will need to fight. The New Moon is being challenged by Uranus in Aries. This is the only other direct connection to the New Moon. The Mars/Uranus energy is exemplified by the story of Cecil and Xandu.

Naturalists had been watching Cecil for years and seen how he had survived through many tough situations and had come out the winner. After the death of his brother, who had been his only companion, he went on to establish his own pride by doing something remarkable and unheard of. He joined forces with another, unrelated male lion named Jericho. Together, he and Jericho co-led a large and healthy pride for many years.

Cecil, who was distinctive because his huge mane had a black fringe around it, would come close to tourists and pose for them. Many believe that was a reason he was vulnerable to being killed. Cecil was such a draw that, after his death, there was precipitous drop in income from tourism to Zimbabwe. Naturalists were convinced that, in the aftermath of his death, as the other males fought for supremacy, all of Cecil's male cubs would be killed because this what usually happens. But another remarkable, unheard of thing happened instead. Jericho did not allow any of Cecil's children to die. Therefore, two years later, Xandu was still alive. Until he met the same fate.

By now you're asking, what does this have to do with astrology or Mars/Uranian energy? The current Mars/Uranus square involves the Universal energy of Uranus being challenged by the Primal energy of Mars. When used in its most evolved highest sense, it encourages finding new and innovate methods to ensure survival, including making strategic alliances with those who should be your enemies, because you can see the bigger picture, much like Cecil and Jericho did. When used in its unconscious, least evolved sense, it will lead you to use technology and any other means at your disposal to obtain short-term, short-sighted victories that only serve to feed your ego, much like the bounty hunters who killed Cecil and Xandu.

Cecil and Xandu were killed because they were beautiful and free. At this Leo New Moon, I encourage us all to cultivate our natural, regal beauty and see the big picture. Cultivate your relationships with those you love the most, dream big, and make those dreams a reality. Live so that when you're gone, your legacy will continue to elevate the collective vibration. Find the courage of your convictions and lead with your heart.

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