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New Moon in Pisces: Rabbits With Guns

Let's take a moment to appreciate where we are right now. Over the past few months, so many secrets have been exposed, so many seemingly untouchable icons have fallen, and so unexpectedly! So many things which seemed out of reach and impossible now seem, not only possible, but probable, and almost inevitable. It's easy at this point to believe that we have it made. All we have to do is sit back and let the rewards roll in.

But not so fast! Although we are in a cycle of success and many structures and individuals who have stood in the way of progress have been removed in most spectacular and unpredictable ways, it's not time for us to celebrate victory. That would be arrogant and premature. Instead, now is the time for us to reflect and spend serious time planning (not dreaming) for our new future.

A huge part of the energy driving this New Moon is Jupiter's big turn inward. Big Daddy in Scorpio has been exploring the intersections of sex and power.  Arrogantly powerful predators who have exploited the bodies and souls of people who are powerless have found themselves under intense scrutiny. In the succinct words of one of those who had been previously exploited, "Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun." Tables have been turned. Dirty secrets revealed. We are now set for a new cycle of growth.

In order to take full advantage, however, we need to take time to assess what it all means and where we go from here. When Big Daddy turns inward, we take a slight pause to make sense of all that has happened and integrate the changes. We also need to get in touch with our true motivations and stay focused on our larger goals. It's fun and satisfying to contemplate revenge. But is that the best use of our energy right now? What is the difference between holding people accountable and vigilante justice? These considerations are pertinent right now.

Transformation often is nasty work which takes you into dank, smelly, rotting places. Our job now is to clean all of that out, purify the space, and start all over again. In doing this dirty work, we have to stay inspired and stay positive. We can't allow ourselves to be tainted by the muck and mire we are working with.

We're so close to healing right now. We just have to keep the courage of our convictions and follow it all the way through.

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